Cat kennels

Movie of the cat kennels

We offer loving care and nurturing of your cat in secure and clean surroundings.

The cat kennels is a building that is situated far away from the dog kennels which means that the cats stays are not disturbed by our dog-residents.
The building consists of an insulated dwelling-house with outdoor cages and also a play and exercise area.
There is a tiled floor and a heating and cooling system in order to ensure the optimal temperature for your cat.

All rooms (cages) are made by a joiner in wood and wire-netting. The wire-netting is fastened in such a way that it is not possible for guests to scratch themselves on it. The rooms are from the floor to the ceiling and are sized from 3m to 8m.

Outdoor rooms:
These cages are used during the summer and have a lovely view over a field and lake. The cages are covered and are also raised from the ground.

Indoor rooms:
These rooms are used year-round and are situated indoors.

Double-cages: Contain a scratching area and two large shelves with cat dens and plush. These cages are used for two or more guests from the same family. They can also be reserved for a single guest, but at an additional cost.

Single-cages: Contain a smaller scratching area and a big shelf with a cat den and plush. These cages are used for a single guest.

Communal areas:
There is a large indoor communal room measuring 55m with an attached play and exercise area.

The communal room is for cats that are sociable, which most of our guests are, as the guests are away from home and therefore do not have a territory to defend. The communal room is furnished to be cat-friendly with a scratching area, beds, plush and large comfortable chairs plus a dining table. There are shelves on the walls and a lovely homely ambiance so that the cats easily feel at home.
There is a large set of double-doors to the attached play and exercise area.

The play and exercise area is covered and constructed out of wood. In this area there are pieces of garden furniture and scratching areas as well as plants.

As an overall rule, we use only quality food recommended by our vet.
The following complete feeds are offered:

Dry feeds:
Hill's Science Plan, Hill's Prescription Diet R/D, Hill's Prescription Diet C/D+T/D + K/D or Specific complete feeds for adult cats.

Wet feeds:
Iams complete feed for adult cats
Royal Canine Sensitivity control
Royal Canine Intestinal.

For guests that are particular about their food, we can offer:
Whiskas, Pussy, Sheba, tuna in water or the like.

All guests are in contact with the people at Birkemose Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels.
Long-haired cats are offered fur treatment in the form of brushing.
All guests are washed if this is necessary ie. if the cat has an unpleasant smell and feels uncomfortable about it.
If guests take pills, eye drops or something similar, these are dispensed.
We do not however accept cats that are infected with an infectious disease, have recently been operated on or are in a similar condition, where there is a risk of infection or where the cat is so weak that it would be unacceptable to place it in boarding kennels.

Cats that are badly cared for, including badly groomed or not groomed long-haired cats, are taken care of and tidied up by us at an additional cost.


1 cat: 125 kroner per day started.
2 cats: 190 kroner per day started, in a double-cage.
More cats: 75 kroner per day started in the same cage.

New Year - the 31st of December 2014

1 cat: 350 kroner

An extra charge is applicable for taking care of cats that require extra grooming and such like.